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If you’re currently thinking about a property investment speak to us.

Don’t be fooled by the hype that the UK or other EU countries are the best places for your hard earned money. These countries have seen massive spurts of growth in the last few decades and property prices just keep on rising going up and up. Find out why here…

Step back in time to the 60s/70s and many people would be able to work and be able to save to buy there properties outright as they were still affordable with hard work and lots of saving.

Skip forward to 2015 this generation isn’t as lucky as the past, they can’t save to buy outright they save just to have a sufficient deposit down on their dream homes which have been inflating over the years.

And with the government adding fuel to the fire with various home buyer incentive schemes for buyers without sufficient deposits, this driving low interest rates, foreign buyers and lack of housing.

These economies have reached maximum capacity with properties hitting their seal price and above, creating debt driven economies.

Pushing developers to undesirable locations ex commercial districts, factories, hospitals for re generation to fuel the property market with massive ballooned prices. Buildings being converted to student accommodations/pods, small units the size of a shoe box but with a large price tag with hundreds in a block.

So be bold and different and make the right choice and earn an income from day one in a vibrant emerging market.

Many people are looking elsewhere for different potential markets as is Hilary Devey, ex dragons den, has noticed North Cyprus as a future investment location.

With prices in North Cyprus still a quarter to half the purchase price of other countries like the UK south Cyprus and parts of Europe. It’s becoming a new destination for foreign investors with rentals producing an 8% yield, with a five year guaranteed period and properties rising year on year it’s the correct long term investment. So speak to us for more details on our project in Famagusta North Cyprus.


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