North Cyprus

The future hotspot for investors

A new emerging market for investment opportunities.

The Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus “TRNC” is a separate country to the Republic of Cyprus which is South Cyprus. The North has its own currency and government and has strong connections to Turkey. The future prospects of reunification of the island could bring massive growth with property prices levelling out to those of the south and bring capital appreciation to investors.

All land we build on has been checked and verified by our company, being safe and secure with 100% Freehold title and guaranteed by the TRNC government.


Being the most easterly of the Mediterranean islands, and the third largest after Sicily and Sardinia, it has around 300 days of sunshine all year round, beautiful scenery, historical sites and tranquil blue sea.

It is therefore no surprise to learn tourism has grown 7% per year, causing the construction of new hotels, golf courses and marinas with many more planned for the future.


North Cyprus has many positive developments coming to their economy making its future bright including the water pipeline from Turkey, as well as the linking of North Cyprus’s electricity networks to that of Turkey’s.

The modernisation of its ports and telecom infrastructure plus the privatisation of its main passenger airport Ercan and educational sectors.


There are more than 50,000 university students from 70 different countries currently enrolled in 8 major universities in North Cyprus, making this the choice for thousands of students every year.

These figures look to increase over the next few years with different incentive schemes.