Guaranteed Rents

With 10 years rent guaranteed
you can just relax

With our 10 years interest
free payment plan

you can spend your time
doing what you love


Think of this as a complete hassle free investment, you buy and own the property, we rent it for you.

There are no hidden charges and with a 10 year rental agreement you can relax and let your money do the work.

This means you will not lose the rents, normally lost between lettings, and are protected from market fluctuations with our fixed rental figure.

You also don’t have to worry about tenants owing you rent arrears, because even if the property is vacant we still pay you on time every time.

Our guaranteed rent scheme offers investors a fixed rental,  52 weeks of the year, for 10 years, with none of the hassles you would normally expect to encounter when letting your property.

Unlike an estate agent or letting agent there are no fees to worry about,
zero commission and no hidden extras.


Your property will be 100% managed for the whole of the period. Any minor repairs are free of charge.
All utilities and council taxes costs will be covered as well as all local tax charges for the rental agreement.

Year Agreement
Rent Guaranteed
Weeks of the year